What is the definition of a Paramedic in Canada?


The adoption of national occupational competency profiles and provincial legislation, in several jurisdictions, has identified the term “paramedic” to be the generic term for all out of hospital care providers.

No matter where they work, who they serve or roles they provide the term “paramedic” recognizes the professionals who in many ways serve Canadians with exceptional out of hospital emergency or community care.




What is Paramedic Services Week?


The Paramedic Chiefs of Canada have proclaimed the week following EMS Week in the United States to be Paramedic Services week.  For us, this week is to thank all those who are a part of our Emergency Medical Services system, which consists of first responders, emergency medical responders, paramedics and advanced care paramedics.  We use this time to highlight the dedication and commitment of the members of our emergency medical services teams, whether career or volunteers who engage in thousands of hours of specialized training and continuing education to enhance their lifesaving skills.  This week is to help recognize the value and the accomplishments of all our EMS service providers.



VASS Education Symposium and Skills Challenge.

As part of our Continuing Education mandate, VASS holds a two day Education Symposium during the Spring quarter.  We have brought in guest speakers, held lectures and promoted various workshops.  On the Saturday afternoon a Skills Challenge is set up, where our members are encouraged to form two or three person teams to try their hand at a scenario based refresher and various skills stations.  Awards for first, second and third place are given out during an Awards Banquet on Saturday night to thank all of our service providers who attended the weekend events. 

Other Awards given on this night are:

​Excellence in Education, Excellence in EMS, Beyond the Call of Duty, Bruce Harder Memorial Award, Bea Felker Award, Michael McKeage and the Helping Hands Award.  Descriptions can be found here: https://www.vass-yukon.ca/awards

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2019 Education Symposium

Service Awards

1 Year: Fran MacKellar, Keven Unterschute, Justin Lachance, Jason Tapp, Nichole Williams, Mike Erwood, Benoit Labranche, Mike Ellis, Lee Manning, Charlie Dagostine, Steve Bassett, Roger Bower, Linda Thompson, Daniel Lessard, Paul DeRuiter, Christa Wittwer, Lisa Joinson, Amanda Shipperbottom, Les Rowland, Gailin Sharp, Mackenzie Mertz, Kate Odgers, Jesse Reams, Jesse Johnston, Alex Francis

5 Years: Sanni Grawehr, Steve Therriault, Sarah Wolfe

10 Years: Derek Baker, Darlene Hutton, Shelley Penner, Kyla Popadynek, Rick Rotundi

15 Years: Doug MacKay, Saskia Robbins, Ian Spencer, Scott Stewart

Excellence in EMS:  Reggie O'Farrell

Excellence in Education:  Nichole Williams

Beyond the call of duty:   The Colwell Family

Bea Felker Award:  Doug MacKay

Michael McKeage Award:   Ted Baker and Derek Baker

Bruce Harder memorial award:  Faro EMS

Helping hands award:   Eagle Plains hotel staff

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