VASS Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is our "Governing Body" for the Volunteer Ambulance Services Society.  It consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Executive was created to be the figurehead representation for accepting the Transfer payment given by YTG to the Volunteers of Yukon EMS for the purpose of Education, Recognition and Community Projects (see below for the complete breakdown).  The Chair of this Committee is Ted Baker and his contact Email is:

Education Committee VASS Education has an annual budget of $60,000.00. (This money is given strictly for the use of the Volunteers and is separate from the annual budget YEMS employs for our negotiated Education and Training.) It is the Duty of the Committee to decide how best the VASS funding may be utilized, whether on an individual, Community or VASS Membership basis. The position for Chair of this Committee is currently vacant, the Vice-Chair is Lorraine Graham:


Rewards Committee The Rewards Committee is given a budget of $20,000.00 annually. This money is used to pay for prizes for the Education Symposium and Skills Competition as well as purchases of the member service recognition awards. The Chair of this Committee is Patty Wiseman and her contact Email is:

Peer Support Committee The purpose of this Committee is to offer Peer Support to a Supervisor needing help settling into and feeling comfortable in their role.  The Committee is also able to offer help or  guidance in situations where regular forms of Communication between the Volunteer Supervisor and YEMS Management have become ineffectual.  The Chair of this Committee is Cathy Brais and her contact Email is:

Projects Committee is a figurehead for funding VASS is given on an annual basis, a budget of $30,000.00 that is divided amongst 15 individual Community Stations so they may access up to $2000.00 in discretionary money for use towards Community events, Station Supplies and Training Equipment not supplied by YEMS, and/or supports for Volunteer retention incentives and bonuses . The guidelines for use of this funding is that the Supervisor assumes all financial responsibility with the idea that the purchases are to benefit the crew, station or Community based on our Government procurement guidelines, how it reflects on the Community and YEMS and whether or not it is a sound use of the funds in regards to long term or immediate benefit. The Treasurer for VASS and this Committee is Lorraine Graham and her contact Email is: